About Andreas

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Born in Hamburg, Germany, and Andreas grew up in a rural area in Northern Germany called Nordfriesland. After completing high school, he did his military service in the German Air Force. His love for history brought him to study Social and Economic History at the University of Hamburg. In 1988, he transferred to Bloomington, Indiana to study U.S. History at Indiana University – Go Hoosiers! After completing his M.A. in U.S. History in 1990, Andreas got married and, in 1993, moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota.

In 2001, after working in retail, real estate, and running his own home improvement business, Andreas decided to go back to school to follow his life-long dream of becoming a teacher. Three years later, he earned a B.A. in Social Science and Secondary Education from Metropolitan State University’s Urban Teacher Program. Since then, he has taught Social Studies, Photography, and Yearbook classes at mostly alternative high school programs, but also at a mid level IB charter school and in a large suburban district. This is his second year at Jennings Community School. Andreas’ favorite parts about the school are the opportunities for students to pursue their own interests and helping students work on projects in Jennings’ work shop.

For the past sixteen years, Andreas has been involved in youth work through the Boy Scouts of America, where he currently serves as Adult  Advisor for BSA Venture Crew 9033. As a scout leader, he has taken youths of different ages and backgrounds on numerous trips, mostly to destinations in the United States, but also to places as far away as Vietnam and Laos. The chance to take students on field trips was one of his main reasons for choosing to work at Jennings. Andreas lives in Saint Paul with his wife Blia and two sons Christopher and Timothy.