About Bill


I am the director of Jennings Community Learning Center. I grew up in St. Paul’s Midway Area and attended Macalester College. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in secondary education. I received my Master’s Degree in teacher leadership at the University of Minnesota in 1996. I have nearly three decades of experience as a progressive educator. During the 1980s; I received my first teaching position at an American Indian alternative school in St. Paul. I founded two schools: South St. Paul Area Learning Center and River Heights Charter School. I came to Jennings CLC in June of 2006.
While I was director of South St. Paul Area Learning Center, I led an effort for the school to receive the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Grant (CSRD). As a result, our school became nationally recognized. South St. Paul Area Learning Center later changed its name to South St. Paul Community Learning Center. The name change reflected the new philosophy the school and district had adopted.


I served on the board of the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) for several years. I was president of MAAP from 2000-02. I have always been a strong advocate of student-centered learning and democratic schools.


I love my work at Jennings Community Learning Center. The students, parents, staff, neighbors and friends of the school have been wonderful. I view Jennings CLC as a place where a young person can attend and is free to learn and tap into their curiosity. I seek to engage students in powerful learning experiences. I wish to provide students with a great array of learning experiences to spark and support their personal growth. At Jennings CLC, we see this happen every day. Jennings Community Learning Center is a school that overcomes all barriers in order for students to learn. We seek to enrich and provide possibilities for all.