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Getting a Birth Certificate

There are three ways in which to get a copy of your birth certificate when you are 16 or older. 


There is a $26.00 fee for the certificate.

State application          

Download the “Birth Certificate Application” and complete.  If you are mailing the application in, you will need to have it notarized.  Sara can help with this.

Mail application and check or money order to:

Minnesota Department of Health Central Cashiering – Vital Records PO Box 64499

St. Paul MN 55164-0499


VitalChek web services

They charge $26.00 plus a $7.00 processing fee ($33.00)

County office                 


The county in which you were born.  You can find the contact for each county at:   


If you were born in Hennepin County you may be able to get assistance in paying for your birth certificate through St. Vincent de Paul:

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