Jennings Students as Global Citizens

The beauty of attending Jennings is the fact that you can take control of your education, follow your passions, and realize your dreams. This is certainly true for students who earn the right to travel for school credit. Last spring, after a lot of focused planning and fundraising, one student, Samaria, realized her dream of traveling to a country where she could explore answers to her pressing questions:  

“What has become of African slave descendants in another part of the


“Does racism exist there as it does here?”

“Has there been a civil rights movement or the formation of a Black Lives Matter

movement in another country?”

After much exploration of potential travels sites, Samaria landed on Puerto Rico. The advisors at Jennings recommended other deserving students for the trip and in the end three students flew off to this Central American destination for a week-long educational trip that included a history tour of Old San Juan, a trek through the rainforest, a visit to the predominantly black and culture-rich city of Loiza, a valuable Skype session with two prominent professors from the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey who work to end the “myth of racial democracy” in their territory, a tour of the Museum of the Americas, and, of course, a day on the beach. Whew. It was a packed and life-changing whirlwind of a week that left every one of the travelers changed–for the better. Three courageous students and two chaperones are well on their way to becoming even more informed global citizens

Aaron Bloom