Letter From the Director

To the Jennings Community,

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020



For the Jennings Community School graduating class, 2020 has been a tough year. It has been for everyone. Our community, state and nation have had many horrible things happen since the first day of the year. 


On New Year’s Day, one of our former students passed away. She was a brilliant musician and songwriter who tragically died when her career was ready to take off. Her mother worked at Jennings and her sister also attended our school. We miss Alexis deeply.


Later, the Coronavirus hit. It hit us just when our great spring days were approaching. Over 1000 Minnesotans and over 100,000 Americans have died. Two of our current students and one of our parents were infected by the disease. Fortunately, they have recovered. 


Over 42 million Americans have lost jobs, including many of our students and their family members. This was a result of COVID-19, which is now a world-wide pandemic. 


And, to make matters much worse, a 46-year-old African American citizen was killed by four members of the Minneapolis police force. This sparked peaceful protests that unfortunately created the opportunity for violent and out of control demonstrations of violence, mayhem and looting. Lake Street in Minneapolis and Midway area in St. Paul look like warzones today. WE all hope for quiet that allows those to peacefully assemble and mourn the loss of Mr. Floyd while asking for justice.


For our graduates, they will have to endure these unprecedented times, at least in the short run. The staff and school board are here for them. On Thursday, June 4, the entire staff and some board members plan on visiting with all the graduates either in the school parking lot or at their homes. 


In the meanwhile, there are places for find food and other resources as those wanting to help in a time of hardship step up. Here are just some:


The Midway YMCA is offering fresh food, produce and canned goods from noon-1 Monday-Friday.

Keystone, located on University near Prior, also offers a food shelf at 1916 University. Hours may vary right now as the website says: https://keystoneservices.org/contact/

On Monday's Open Hands Midway provides a free meal to all who are in need: https://www.openhandsmidway.org/

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