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Distance Learning Vs. Hybrid

Preface: Any and All students who attend Jennings for the 2020-2021 School year will have a choice between Distance Learning or Hybrid.

What is a Distance Learning model of school?

Distance Learning is very simply learning from home. Distance learning has been implemented nationally in an effort to curb student exposure to the pandemic while in school. Distance learning requires extensive 1 on 1 contact with an advisor. Also, students will NEED a computer and internet access. Jennings community school can provide mobile options for both. Our students and families remain a priority during this time  of different types of learning. Please speak with an advisor about specific details in the schedule.


What is a Hybrid Learning Model of school?

Jennings community school will begin the year with Hybrid learning as an option. In the Jennings Hybrid learning model, students will spend most of their week at home. However, some select days (usually 1-2) students may come to the building for a few hours for direct and cooperative instruction. IMPORTANT: This model is CONTINGENT on the amount of cases in the state of Minnesota. Students will be required to wear masks, socially distance, get a temperature test and wash hands regularly if they desire to attend Jennings in the hybrid model.

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