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Mission and Vision


Jennings Community School provides learner-directed experiences and mentoring relationships for success in school and life.


Jennings Community School (JCS) is known as an exemplary, progressive, community-based school that fosters achievement for responsible citizenship, productive work, lifelong learning, and creative, healthy lifetimes. The culture of JCS embraces trust, respect, caring, relationships, and student-driven learning. An advisor working with each student and their parent(s), guardian(s), or invested adult(s) creates a personal learning plan to advance each student. This public school, guided by the school’s Board of Directors, encourages (rewards) Staff and administrative professional growth.

Over the next five years, JCS will integrate its work-based learning, Career and Technical Education (CTE,) and mentorship initiatives and add new resources for physical activities and nutrition learning. The school will continue to have ever-increasing financial support from a growing constituency of community businesses, families and independent sources. JCS will enhance its capacity for administrative effectiveness, leadership transitions, and student access to services that support their life needs.

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