Resultados transformacionales


Encuesta de resultados transformacionales

Instrucciones: Los resultados transformacionales (estudiante) deben distribuirse al comienzo del año, cuando llega un nuevo estudiante y al final del año. El personal debe completar esta encuesta dentro de los 60 días posteriores a la llegada del nuevo estudiante.

Works Independently
Is a team worker
Handles Assignments and Meets Commitments
Solves Problems
Deals with reality
Organizes Resources to get a job done
Manages Time
Uses Technology
Understands Global Community
Helps others in community
Strives to improve
Understands Local Community
Participates in community activities
Is open to new and different ideas
Invites and includes others
Confronts issues and people effectively
Seeks learning opportunities
Locates Information and knowledge for improved skills
Grows in knowledge and skills
Sets appropriate goals
Makes plans to accomplish goals
Prioritizes for best use of time and energy
Asses progress toward goals
Acts with integrity
Thinks creatively, has new ideas
Thinks critically, questions
Uses free time appropriately
Is interested in health and diet
Lives healthy lifestyle
Makes ethical decisions
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