Welcome to Jennings Community School!


The World is Our Classroom


We are a unique St. Paul charter school operating in our 17th successful year, offering Twin Cities students, grades 7-12, a free opportunity to experience education by exploring the world!


Our Mission:  Students will become productive workers, responsible citizens, self-directed lifelong learners, and creative, healthy individuals.


Beyond helping students to increase knowledge in core subject areas, our program focuses on “transformational outcomes” as part of our vision. These outcomes drive students to set and reach personal and academic goals, build a commitment to community involvement, push their sense of what it means to learn and continue learning beyond the classroom, fuel creativity, and make healthy life choices.


Our Vision:  Global experiences to change lives.

We take this very seriously and have spent 17 years developing the idea of combining academic content with travel, from our backyard to Costa Rica and beyond. We believe that learning can be powerful, and interesting if real. When we learn about something, we connect learning to real situations, real people and real places.