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About Us

Jennings School Board

The School Board at Jennings Community School is responsible for overseeing the school's operations and ensuring that it remains aligned with the mission and vision. Comprised of dedicated individuals who are passionate about education, the Board plays a vital role in shaping the future of our students.

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Meet Our Board Members

Krissy Wright

School Director

Kathy Adams

Board Member
October 2019-October 2021

Jessany Rose

Board Chair
Community Member
October 2020-October 2022

Mitch Johnson

Board Member
Community Member
October 2019-October 2021

Alicia Mena-Chavez

Board Member
October 2022 - October 2024

Rich Alteri

Community Member
October 2019-October 2021

Board Information

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Board Roster

The board's function is to oversee the operations of the school, make important decisions, and ensure the school is meeting its goals and objectives.

Board Meeting Dates & Times

Jennings Board Meetings Dates and Times can be found here: Jennings Board Schedule

Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes from this school year can be found here:  23-24 School Board Meeting Minutes.

Board meeting minutes from previous years can be found here: Archived Meeting Minutes.

Board Bylaws

Jennings Community School Board Bylaws can be found here:

Board Bylaws

Strategic Plan

Our five-year strategic plan can be found here: Jennings Strategic Plan

Board Elections

Voting for the next School Board begins today! If you are a parent or guardian of a student who attends Jennings please vote using the following link. Please vote by May 30th. Thank you for participating in our community!

Here is the form: Jennings School Board Election.

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