Student Resources

Use this page to access resources around mental health, employment, and more!  Still need something?  Reach out!


Student & Family Resources

Use the links outlined here to access resources.

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Jobs & Training

The Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC), Sundance Family Foundation and Ramsey County YouthWorks! have been compiling this Resource Jobs & Training Resource List as we meet with our partners.  We will continue to update this list as soon as we learn
of any new resources or information.

Jobs & Training Resource

Basic Needs & Wellness Resources

This list of supports compiled by Ramsey County is updated continuously and has tremendous resources for everything from accessing health care, food, and shelter, to finding dental care, employment help, and substance abuse support.

Basic Needs & Wellness Resources

Filing Taxes

If you got a W2 form for your job you may be owed back from the state and federal government! You will need to fill out a form for the Federal government and the State of Minnesota

The easiest method is to use one of these software apps:

  1. IRS Free File Program by Turbo Tax
  2. Tax Act (they try to upsell you for additional services)

If you are eligible for a refund you will get your money sooner if you file electronically – the software willask you if you want to do this for a small fee. You can request a direct deposit into your bank account, which gets the check into your hands faster. This is really helpful if you do not have a stable address to get a mailed check.

Driver's License

First Step:

You need to take the knowledge test. Please study.​

The test: There are 40 multiple-choice questions based on the 2021 Minnesota Driver's Manual with questions on road signs, safe driving techniques and laws, and you'll need to correctly answer a minimum of 32 questions to pass.

MN Driver's Education Manual

MN State ID

A person of any age may apply for a Minnesota Identification card. The applicant must apply for the card, pay the required fee and present proof of identity. If you are under 21 the card is marked “Under-21” and is valid until your 21st birthday. 

Bring one of the following with you to the Driver and Vehicle Office: 

  • One primary and one secondary identification document. 

Primary Documents include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Tribal ID Card

Secondary Documents include:

  • Social Security Card
  • School ID

Office Locations near Jennings:

  • 445 N. Minnesota St. (in Town Square), 200 University Ave. W. Suite 150 (this office is usually not as busy)
  • 300 S. 6th St.,  A Level, Suite A025 (Appointment needed) |612.348.8240
  • 2929 Chicago Ave. S, Appointment needed | 612.348.8240

DMV Website for ID

Health Insurance

Getting Medical Insurance is confusing and can be complicated – the good news, there is help available!

Basics: Applications are submitted in on the MnSure Website.  Most people struggle with completing this application.  The state certifies Health Care Navigators to help – this does not cost you anything.

Portico Healthnet provides Health Care Navigators and advocates to help get you insured: 651.489.2273

Get Started on Portico

Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare

To access supports in applying to Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare, follow this link: MN DHS.

Homeless Services For Youth

Drop in centers in St. Paul and Minneapolis are a one stop place for food, housing help, medical care and more.  They have limited hours, details below.  

Drop in Centers ​
St. Paul:  

SAFEZONE: Open kitchen, food shelf, hot meals, housing help, job search help, health clinic and more

M-F: 1-6pm

651 224-9644

130 E. 7th St.


Youthlink:  showers, laundry, hygiene products, hot meals, clothes, food shelf, health clinic, photo ID and more

2:00-6:00pm Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (closed Wednesday)

612 252-1200

41 N. 12th St.

Youth Services Network: Helping youth find shelter and services.

Youth Services Network has an app that you can download from apple.  You can click on a subject anytime without giving any info to check what is available, details below.


Mental Health

Mental Health Crisis Lines

Ramsey County 651.266.7878

Hennepin County 612.348.2233

Text LIne: 741 741