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Small School,
Big Success

At Jennings, we have a student to teacher ratio of 15/1.  
Our supportive advisory program makes it impossible for students to slip through the cracks.

In a blind survey 97% of the students said they felt cared about and that their relationships with teachers and fellow students were better than the previous schools they attended.

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Explore the World Through Education

The Jennings model includes yearly trips, organized and helped paid for by students through fundraising.  Past trips have included study in Ghana, Costa Rica, as well as trips throughout the United States. Students have also traveled to San Francisco, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, and St. Louis studying a range of topics from abolition to saltwater ecology, police brutality to theater.

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Community Awareness

Unlock Your Full Potential

Jennings students tackle projects that deal with issues from a local level to a global level.  We begin with awareness through research, making connections, visiting community experts, all with the intention of arriving at a place where students can become empowered to act.  Actions have ranged from spreading awareness to advocating for new legislation with congressmen and women.

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Real-World Relevant

You Matter Now

At Jennings, we believe education should and must be relevant to our students' lives - that's why we place so much emphasis on real-world experiences like work-based learning, experiential education, service learning, and community involvement.


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